Job Details

Technical Team Lead (QA & Dev)
  • Internal applicants
  • Opportunity to learn and develop
  • QA and Dev Teams

Role Overview:

This role is responsible for leading a Technical Development team or QA Team comprising 8-10 direct reports .  The role manages and mentors Developers/QA (people), define assists the Head of Solutiomn Delivery in defining and improving the Development SDLC (process), and contributes to the Solution Delivery Development strategies for projects & initiatives to ensure efficient software delivery (strategy). This role is also responsible for Design and Development activities:

Main Activities:

  • Administration of Direct Reports (eg. Leave, Timesheet Approvals)
  • Recruiting, selecting, and orienting team members
  • Coaching, training and KPI setting for team members
  • Assigning accountabilities and projects / initiatives to team members
  • Succession Planning within Team
  • Building a culture of delivery orientation and continuous improvement
  • Ensuring a customer-centric approach fostering a positive customer experience
  • Builds rapport up, down and across the organisation
  • Establishes collaborative relationships to achieve objectives
  • Displays empathy and tolerates diverse viewpoints
  • Builds relationships with internal & external Customers


  • Inspecting and adapting processes to improve efficiency in delivering software releases
  • Sets clear SDLC requirements / expectations
  • Setting Development policies, standards, guidelines and tooling
  • Capturing, tracking and reporting consistent development metrics across projects / initiatives and products
  • Solicits and applies internal & external customer feedback
  • Initiates / Drives Improvements to SDLC that result in benefits to Unico / Customers (eg. improved quality, improved efficiency)
  • Champions best practices in Development processes;
  • Undertaking reviews to ensure process compliance and escalate deviations



  • Selection of appropriate Technology / Design Patterns / Frameworks
  • Assists Solution Architect for complex Designs
  • Development Activities conforms to Unico SDLC:-
    • Development & Unit Testing is of good standard / quality;
    • Uses appropriate Patterns & Standards, Code is secure, efficient & maintainable;
    • Adheres to SCM Branching Patterns, Code Merging is good;
    • Adheres to all other SDLC Processes as appropriate;
  • Contributes to the Project's / Initiative's DevOps CI/ CD 
    • CI/CD development
    • Automated deployment scripts/code.
    • Automated environment provision/maintenance
    • Automated configuration of deployment elements
  • Supports Production Application Systems by:
    • Troubleshooting defects
    • Analysing root causes of production defects
    • Providing support to the relevant support team
    • Break / Fix Development for Production Defects


  • Minimum of 5 years experience as a Developer/QA in a technology environment
  • Minimum of 2 years experience with Leading a Team of 4 - 8 Developers/QA in a technology environment
  • Excellent knowledge of Development SDLC
  • Experienced Senior Developer/Senior QA
  • Inspired ambitious and high performing teams to continuously learn and grow 
Job Ref: SC000035
Submitted: 15-02-2021

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